Ali Saeed Rizvi aka Shuja Ali

Chief Operating Officer

Ali Saeed Rizvi aka 'Shuja Ali' is an avid sports enthusiast, author, screenwriter and mainstream Hindi film director with 4 feature films to his credit. Shuja has also served ATN, an American TV channel based out of Kabul, Afghanistan as its Head of Programming. India has so far been the hub of his creative activities along with some other countries like Singapore, Afghanistan, Dubai and Canada.

Shuja has been associated with Toyam Sports Limited,since 2019, as its Chief Operating Officer (COO) and is a part of the core team. He has been instrumental in successfully producing, the top-of-the-line reality show, ‘Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt’. His vast experience in film direction and operations helped oversee efficient coordination & smooth execution of the show. He was instrumental in onboardingMX Player (India’s biggest OTT platform) for streaming the show and engaging EndemolShine India (world class reality content production house) to line-produce the show. TSL was able to benefit from his deep industry experience and cordial relationship with top media houses, marketing agencies and high rank industry professionals. Even during the pandemic, Shuja preferred remaining busy engaging and motivating the youth (athletes) of the country through several short video campaigns, thereby helping keep brand TSL relevant.

Shuja has also been instrumental in successfully launching the MMA 1 Federation, launch of MMA Merchandise and signing top sports Celebs like Mahabir Singh Phogat and the Great Khali for TSL. He also played vital role in negotiating the Business delas with reputed sports companies, clubs and athletes.