Toyam Sports Limited (TSL) stands as the sole listed company on the Indian stock exchanges dedicated to the production, promotion, and management of various sports.

In recent years, TSL has not only taken the lead in promoting niche sports like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) within India but has also expanded its influence in globally popular sports such as cricket and tennis. The company’s commitment to fortifying the sports ecosystem is reflected in its venture into providing high-quality yet affordable sports accessories, available on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Driven by a team of passionate sports enthusiasts, TSL aspires to be a catalyst for a transformative shift in the Indian sports industry. Simultaneously, the company is keen on making its mark on the global stage through both organic growth and strategic acquisitions. TSL places a strong emphasis on empowering the spirit of sports by creating platforms that support deserving athletes, starting from grassroots levels. This is achieved through the production, promotion, and management of some of the most significant sports intellectual properties.

The proactive and agile team at TSL consistently seeks opportunities within the sports landscape to broaden the horizons for Toyam, reflecting a commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment for athletes worldwide. At TSL, the mission is not just to excel in the business of sports but to actively contribute to the overall growth and development of the sports industry, both within India and on a global scale.