Toyam Sports Limited partnered with the Hellenic Cricket Federation to host a global T20 tournament. This collaboration, facilitated by Toyam’s subsidiary Pacific Star Sports, brought together cricket enthusiasts from around the world for an exciting event held in May 2023. The tournament not only showcased the thrill of cricket but also highlighted Greece’s stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage.

Kyriakos Katsoras, President of the HCF, expressed excitement about the tournament, noting that the T20 format was chosen for its ability to attract top cricketing talent and provide a week-long spectacle. He emphasized the federation’s goal of investing in cricket infrastructure and raising its profile in European Cricket and the ICC. The partnership with Toyam Sports Limited and Pacific Star Sports perfectly aligned with these ambitions.

Mohamedali Budhwani, Chairman and Managing Director of Toyam Sports Limited, echoed Katsoras’s sentiments, emphasizing the company’s dedication to promoting cricket globally. Budhwani highlighted Toyam’s successful track record in organizing cricket leagues and expressed optimism about the long-term partnership with the Hellenic Cricket Federation. This collaboration between Toyam Sports Limited and the Hellenic Cricket Federation represented a significant advancement in the globalization of cricket. The tournament offered thrilling matches set against the backdrop of Greece’s picturesque landscapes and historic landmarks, further enhancing the sport’s appeal on a global scale.