In the year 2022, Toyam Sports Limited (TSL) experienced a surge in popularity and recognition following the successful execution of the World Tennis League (WTL) and the Bangladesh One Day International (ODI) series. The positive outcomes of these ventures positioned TSL as a highly sought-after entity in the sports sponsorship arena, attracting attention and offers from various cricket leagues.

Capitalizing on its newfound prominence, TSL extended its reach and influence by becoming a sponsor for prestigious events, such as the Lanka Premier League (LPL). In this capacity, Toyam Sports Limited assumed the role of the “co-powered by sponsor” for the LPL. This sponsorship not only showcased TSL’s commitment to supporting top-level cricket but also demonstrated its strategic alignment with significant cricketing events beyond its initial successes.

By sponsoring the Lanka Premier League, TSL continued to enhance its brand visibility and association with premier cricket tournaments. The designation as a “co-powered by sponsor” further underscored Toyam Sports Limited’s integral role in supporting and contributing to the success of the LPL. This strategic move not only solidified TSL’s position as a key player in the sports sponsorship landscape but also reinforced its commitment to being actively involved in and contributing to major cricketing events globally.