We intend to transform your company into a complete sports management company and provide opportunities to deserving talent, across the sporting community, in the country.

Other than wanting to assume the pole position in a niche sport like MMA, we have identified Cricket, as one of the sports, in which we wanted to establish our presence. Cricket is not a sport, but a religion, not only in our country but several countries around the globe. The massive popularity around the sport promises lucrative viewership to interesting formats of cricket, helping us to expand our footprints beyond Indian shores.

Some of the recent developments in our venture in that vertical are:

  • A 51% JV with Rajwada Cricket League, which is ongoing
  • Ongoing acquisition of a majority stake in Pacific Star Sports Limited, by virtue of which your company will own the rights to 3 ICC (International Cricket Council) approved cricket leagues: Kenya, Greece and Mauritius.

It is only a matter of time before you hear of our leagues kicking off in each of these countries. As also, there are discussions, at various stages, on a few other such cricket league acquisition that your company is exploring.

Being ‘league owners’, and not merely ‘team owners’, implies immense valuation upsides to your company.

To make our presence felt in the cricket eco-system as well, we have been one of the associate sponsors to the Road Safety World Series 2022, an international T20 cricket league which sees participation from lots of former international famed cricketers. Not only that, we have successfully jointly organised, along with Corcom Media Ventures, the Africa Cup T20 league; a tournament played by 8 associate African national teams (Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Bostwana & Mozambique). The successful completion of the Africa Cup T20 underlines our maiden international foray in the sport of cricket. The learnings, we experienced, while conducting this event will go a long way in better execution of several domestic cricket events which are in pipeline.

All the above initiatives, and more, will mark your company’s presence in the cricketing arena.

Our long-term vision is to promote sports at grass root levels; be it cricket, MMA or any other sport that we would eventually venture into. our intent to promote the game of cricket not only in India but also worldwide.